Pole Barns for Cars, RV’s, Livestock, and Agriculture

No matter what type of storage needs you may have; a pole barn might be a great solution. Pole barns are highly versatile, durable, and affordable, and we can custom-build them for you to meet the needs of your business or your home.
Pole Barn uses wood framing (often as opposed to steel) for its primary structural elements. It can be a more economical form of construction to cover land and provide shelter than metal-frame buildings. Pole barns are generally far stronger and much more durable than lightweight structures like pre-fab carports.
If you have large vehicles or equipment that are exposed to rain, wind, and dust, they can be damaged because of the unpredictability of the weather. By having a pole barn erected, you can protect your items from the elements. Pole barns can be built with the sides open, or they can be enclosed to make them function as a garage or barn.

  • Car
  • RV/Boat/ATV Ports

Landowners, you might choose a pole barn to store farm equipment, large vehicles, livestock, and more.

  • Barns
  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Livestock
  • Garage Buildings

Pole Barn is also great for:
Business owners use pole barns to store everything from company vehicles and machinery to construction materials, and pole barns make great workspaces for crafts professionals.

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